Friday, 12 March 2010

War Comics in Riseley

I'd like to introduce a very enterprising group of friends from Margaret Beaufort Middle School in Risely: Bailey, Rhys, Michael, Stuart and James (plus there's also William who was elsewhere when I took the photo).

During my visit last week, teachers set up tables in the hall, for me to sign books over the lunch break. These guys asked if it would be OK to set up their own sales area alongside.

They were selling war comics that they had written and drawn themselves. They photocopied them and sold them at 10p each (or 12p if signed).

They had also illustrated a series of posters and, if you bought the full set of comics, you got a free poster signed by all the boys. Well, how could I resist??

They made £13.40, which is pretty good going, I reckon. They were generously donating half the proceeds to Haiti.

Well done guys!
Who knows, you might be getting your comics published one day. Don't forget to get yourselves those sketchbooks!

If you would like to see some of the exciting project work that was created during the day of my visit (including caterpillar pizza!), check out the Picture Gallery.


Anonymous said...

As a teacher at Margaret Beaufort I have to say not only did the children find it inspiring but so did I! Thank you so much for visiting. And well done to our comic boys!

Miss Tarrant

Lynne Chapman said...

I'm so glad everyone enjoyed my visit - I think inspiration is one of the most precious things you can pass on.

Serena said...

How wonderful to see young kids so enthused about their artwork!