Saturday, 27 March 2010

About Time Too!

With my various foot dramas, I never got around to telling you about last week in Shropshire: yes, on Tuesday afternoon I packed my suitcase and abandoned John yet again.

I was invited to do a couple of days for the Shrewsbury Bookfest again, but when Woodside School in Oswestry got in touch - luckily just round the corner - I added them on to the front of the trip.

The children at Woodside were lovely and it was a colourful, creative school, with art everywhere. The Head got involved too, which doesn't always happen, and looked in throughout the day to watch what I was up to. At the end, the children bought loads of books: always a very positive indicator about the school.

I was looked after brilliantly by Mrs Jones. She and her husband gave me a bed for the night and even took me out for a lovely meal when I arrived, all frazzled from my long train journey - thank you!

I met up with Julia Jarman on Wednesday evening, when I moved on to Shrewsbury, and the Bookfest team took us for a very nice dinner (where I ate far too much - definitely a pudding too far!).

Festival organiser Sophie Peach booked us into the beautiful Meole Brace Hall: a lovely period house in its own grounds, tucked away in an almost Secret Garden kind of way - locals I spoke to had no idea it was there!

I made friends with resident Dolly, a little black terrier, who nosed her way into my room and kept me company, letting me stroke her ears.

This was my bed (nice eh?):

On Thursday morning it was all go - two days of events, first in the tiny Clive Primary School and then Market Drayton Infants: a mix of various workshops and storytellings, with everyone from Reception (age 4) to Y6 (age 10), which kept it nicely varied.

I caught my train home on Friday afternoon by the skin of my teeth - running and puffing up the stairs with all my stuff, and jumping in moments before it left! I got back that evening and just flopped.

A big 'thank you' to publisher Hachette for footing the bill for the festival expenses - they are always really brilliant about that stuff. Much appreciated guys.

And a special thank you to my 'minder', Lucy, for taking me necklace-shopping on Thursday after school, to buy myself a birthday present from my mum (thanks Mum!):


Bob Mrotek said...

Lynne, I congratulate you. You are one of the most prolific people that I have ever seen. "Oh, why do you do it and why never cease?", I ask with a bit of a frown. You answer me cheerily, "It's merely because I'm happy and never let things get me down". That is wonderful, Lynne. You are an inspiration!

granny grimble said...

Lynne, that girl with the pretty profile could be a young relative of mine. Didn't you notice the likeness. Her nose is a carbon copy of mine.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a delight finding your blog...I am trying to inspire myself to sketch a little with each day. Just for Fun ! I am working on an exhibit called "whispers and Echoes of Womens Work" and I love your work!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you Bob and Mary - good luck with your exhibit Mary!