Sunday, 10 January 2010

Grumpy Guts

As I mentioned, I've been feeling the need to draw from life, but been frustrated by not having access to much, given the weather and my limited mobility. Which made me a bit grumpy last week (just ask John!).

So, to spare him, and to get myself together, yesterday I decided to just draw what I have at hand: me.

I have the urge to work with colour, so got out the oil pastels again. I was quite into them about 12 years ago, but have have not used them seriously since.

It's a bit fussier than I was after, but it's a start and, I must say, I felt a little better immediately.


granny grimble said...

Well! I wouldn't feel better if I were you. You look about 65 years old! You always make yourself look old when you do self portraits.

Gillian said...

LOL at the previous comment!

I think you're brave to do a self portrait at all. I can't even look at photos of myself. I like the colours you've used. Even though the pose is thoughtful it has a liveliness to it - paradoxically.

Hope the foot heals quickly. I'm fed up with not getting out too, but only because of the weather.

Lynne Chapman said...

Ha ha - it's true: I think it's partly because of the look of concentration, but also, all the lines, shadows and saggy bits are the most interesting parts, so they tend to get accentuated.

My foots healing nicely thanks Gillian. Glad you like the drawing!

Lucia B. said...

It's a very beautiful portrait! Looking at your photo, I would say that it makes you look older than you actually are, but maybe it describes your state of mind while you were making it. I like so much the colours!

Jessie said...

I love the way you've used the bright colours in the shadows. I expect it was fun using a different medium after all that time?x

Lynne Chapman said...

It was indeed - that's why I didn't opt for chalk pastels. A bit of a change.

sinner said...

wow!!! the details are just perfectly blended!!! it's a brilliant way to make a portrait. kudos!

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