Monday, 14 December 2009

Stars on Canvas

Yet another fun package arrived with the postman last week: a little canvas, just 20cm square, with a pen, and instructions for me to doodle whatever takes my fancy...

It's part of an unusual appeal by the Willow Foundation, called Stars on Canvas. They raised over £41,000 in 2008, by auctioning off the little canvases.

Artists are asked to draw in black only, whatever they like, then UK artist Julie Anne Gilburt adds colour and exhibits the work in her Brighton Gallery.

I pondered what to draw for a couple of days, continually catching the blank canvas out of the corner of my eye. The pen is quite thick and the space small, so finally I decided on something simple and funny.

Proceeds help provide special days out for the seriously ill and, by coincidence, it was this very charity who treated my cousin Sindie and her family to a wonderful break together in London, with a posh meal and a show, something that I'm sure they will remember forever.

The guy on the left is Tattoo Gary by the way.


Damian Harvey said...

You make it look so simple Lynne. It takes me bloomin' ages to draw anything and then I'm never happy with it.

My hand just doesn't draw what I see in my head (of course... that might just be for the best).

Lisa Graves said...

I think my head would explode if I received such a package! lol. You are such an talent, and truly inspiring. Happy Holidays!

Croom said...

What a wonderfully talented lady you are and what a wonderful cause. Keep it up Lynne. x