Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Christmas Party Time!!

Today I have a day out in London. Yippee! My publisher, Hachette, are having a party.

Most publisher parties are held in the evening: a bit tricky when you don't live in London. Either you spend twice as long travelling as you get partying, or you have the expense of accommodation as well as your train fare. But Hachette are great: their parties start at lunchtime.

So, this morning I took the train 'down south' and will travel back later this evening.

I remember my very first publisher party was a bit scary, knowing hardly anyone, trying not to look like a lost soul, and desperately trying not to drink too much of the free wine too quickly! It was a wee bit intimidating too, knowing there were some very famous authors out there and hoping I would recognise their names if I was introduced to them (what could be more mortifying than the thought of asking Philip Pullman: 'So, what do you write?')

But I've worked with Hachette for many years now, so there will be loads of familiar faces to chat to. I should meet up some of my authors too: I know Susannah Corbett, who wrote Dragon's Dinner, will be there (we've chatted on the phone but have never met).

And I'll enjoy a chin-wag with Damian Harvey, author of the very funny Itch to Scratch and hopefully Julia Jarman too, as well as all the other author and illustrator friends I've made over the years, but generally only get to see once a year.

I'll let you know how it went. I certainly had a good time last year!


Jessie said...

How very sensible having a party at lunchtime! Have a great time!x

Charlene Brown said...

Isn't it great to go to a party you know is going to be great! Hope you have as much fun as last year (another fun post).
BTW, I was really pleased to hear you don't drive -- I don't either. Isn't it funny when people ask how you can stand not being able to drive wherever you want... and all you can think of is that if you did drive somewhere, you'd spend the whole time you were there worrying about having to drive home!