Monday, 16 November 2009

Back to Work

We got back from Paris on Thursday evening (to torrential rain - welcome home). Then at 6am Friday morning, I had to get up to travel to Stockport for the day. Luckily it was a really nice school, so worth the groans and moans getting out of bed!

The children at All Saints Primary were all dressed as book characters, which always adds a slightly surreal element to proceedings. Another thing that made it a bit special for me was that, while I worked my way through the classes, the remaining children spent their time working on illustrations, as part of a competition.

The little ones all made lovely Stinky! collages. Another year group created tiny dancing sculptures based on their favourite characters from Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe. The children I worked with first thing, all coloured in their Giddy Goat illustrations, with him perched on impossible towers of assorted objects and creatures. Y6 tackled the tricky task of illustrating a proverb or well-known phrase in an interesting way. For instance, one girl drew goat astronauts, inspired by Giddy Goat, with the strap-line: "One small step for a goat, one huge leap for goat-kind". Great eh?

There was a prize-giving at the end of the day, where the best 2 children from each group got a certificate (signed by Yours Truly) and some chocolates. I'm hoping the school might be able to send me some photos of the work so I can show you.

Afterwards, I stayed behind to sign books, and was astonished to meet the niece of Paul Rissman, composer of the score for Giddy Goat the Musical! Mum had brought their copy of Giddy Goat already signed by Uncle Paul, so I was able to add my signature to it. Small world.

Sadly I've had no time to play with any colour for my train sketches. Maybe next time.


Jessie said...

These sketches are the best yet! Don't worry about the colour, I like them just as they are. :)

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you Jessie! I off on another long train journey later today, so I'm looking forward to doing a few more.

Ellen said...

These are great. What a nice variety of faces you've sketched.

balunov18 said...

Wow! good sketches. Thanks for share good post. I like this post.

Jenea said...

You make this skeatches with pencil or how???

Lynne Chapman said...

Hi Jenea - yes it's pencil. I always work with a 3B.