Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pipworth Primary

Great name eh? Pipworth was my destination on Tuesday, my first visit since I lost my voice. No early morning trains needed: just a short taxi ride to another part of Sheffield. Luxury!

We kicked off with a PowerPoint talk to all KS2: quite a few, as you can see. I am the tiny pink blob in the distance. My voice was still a bit deep and croaky, but I survived ok. That's not washing on the line by the way - it's a leaping tiger!

Pipworth is a really friendly school. Sweet, enthusiastic kids (lots of waving and hugs in the corridors) and happy teachers, obviously popular with the children, despite Y1 (below) insisting that I draw theirs being gobbled by a crocodile...

And I so love a staffroom that's alive with banter - I've been in one or two deadly ones in my time (and once chose to sit in the playground with the kids instead!).

We filled the rest of the morning writing stories together. This is the beginning of one about a baby snake, who lived in a magic house with a demonic bar of magic chocolate:

In the afternoon I told stories and did lots of drawing. I drew a special picture for Y3's teacher, Mrs Ferguson, whose children, Euan and Lara, both broke an arm on the same day but, incredibly, doing two different activities in two different places! Euan fell off some monkey bars and Lara was playing cricket:

It was a really positive day, so a huge thank you to Mrs Greenwood for inviting me, and to everyone else for making it all such fun.

And thank you too, to all those who stayed to buy books in the library afterwards. Sorry I ran out, but there's a package winging it's way to you for after the holiday...

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Simon said...

It was great reading about your time at Pipworth. I too, agree that the staffroom is friendly and full of banter and I loved working with the children. I was working there recently with a mixture of Drama and 'Mantle of the expert' and would happily go back. You can see what we achieved at
All the best,