Friday, 30 October 2009

Going Crazy in Corby!

At last: I'm back at home today, so have a bit of time to tell you how I've been getting on at my latest batch of visits...

As expected, Corby Big Draw was huge fun. We covered the entire floor of the hall above with card, and families came in and drew all over it. The day was really busy: the children got SO excited and it was great to see so many grown ups too, totally engrossed in drawing.

Every so often, I called kids into a corner and read a story for inspiration, then we worked as groups on huge drawings:
this Class Three all at Sea picture is over 6' long.

We did Class Two at the Zoo as well, which was even bigger!

I drew the outline of the anaconda, and the children filled his belly:

As well as chalk pastels and felt tips, we had big fat oil pastels, which were perfect.

It was lovely that all ages worked happily together (the older kids were very patient with the 2yr olds, who scribbled rather too freely over everything, as you can imagine, and left little chalk footprints everywhere!).

Corby's MP, Phil Hope, came to support the event and see what we were up to...

...and the kids made him lay on the floor so they could draw round him! Then they all set to colouring him in.

He was a brilliant sport, but also a tall man, so I had to do a bit of a 'joiner' to get the drawing into the photo! The heart above his head is because he's a Minister for Health.

At the end, we hung some drawings on the walls, or propped them up around the room, and made walkways through the ones on the floor, so it formed an exhibition for people to visit the next day. The best pictures are going to be put on display in public spaces around Corby.

I ran workshops in the exhibition space on the 2nd day, and would like to give an extra special mention to the super Wilks family, who read about the event here on the blog, and came all the way from Wales to see me and take part!!! I was totally chuffed. Hello guys!

This is the Welsh dragon that they drew for the exhibition:

Thanks too to Abigail Tilley, who was incredibly prolific and produced several fabulous drawings like this:

..and to Debony and her mum, who had such a nice time, that they came back when it was all over to bring me a 'thank you' card and a box of chocolates. A really lovely thought - thank you!

And at risk of sounding like I'm at the Oscars, I'd also like to thank Ludie and Micheal for putting me up, feeding me and looking after me so well.

A fantastic couple of days that I'm sure we will all remember for a very long time. I'll post some of the other drawings in the Picture Gallery, as this post is already waaaaaaaay to long!


Philip Morgan said...

It looks like you had a great day, it must be very rewarding.

dawnbach said...

Yoohoo!!! Big HI from the Wilks'..... I don't know how you manage to fit so much in! I'm exhausted reading about it!!!

dawnbach said...

By the way!! Guess what I had to buy for my three boys on the way home to Wales the next day???! ................. a sketchbook each!!!

Lynne Chapman said...

Hi Dawn - that's fantastic! Tell them to try their best to draw at least something in it every day.

Emily said...

Hihi! What a delight! And the anaconda is just perfect! Who knew!

Anonymous said...

Corby were thrilled to have you. Thank you so much.

Ludie Wallis
Arts Development officer
Corby Borough Council.