Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

When I did a post last month on the publication of Dragon's Dinner, I got a request for a signed copy from Blogger friend and painter Vivien Blackburn for her grandson Sam's 2nd birthday. If you have a moment, take a look at Vivien's landscape and flower paintings - they are lovely.

I just had a nice message from her to say that Sam's birthday has arrived and he loves his present.

This is Sam with Mum: cute isn't he?


Victoria said...

This is so sweet!

vivien said...

He really did love it Lynne :>)

and thank you for mentioning my book

Bears on the Stairs has already been promised as soon as it's out

Lynne Chapman said...

That's great, I'm so pleased.

It'll be at least a year until Bears is out though, sadly quite possibly 18 months. It all moves SO slowly! 'Rumble Roar Dinosaur!' will be the next one, in March.