Thursday, 17 September 2009

Children's Book Illustration: How to Draw the Dark

I'm still working away on the bedroom spread for Bears on the Stairs today, trying to get it finished before I stop tonight. The colours are tricky, as it needs to be muted where the lights are off, but not dingy. I'm using a lot of blue and lilac shadows to suggest darkness without it being dark.

It's so cold in the studio though this morning, that I have had to stop and go and put on my Marks and Sparks vest and wrap a scarf round my neck, under my smock! My hands are really icy and so I have just made a nice mug of hot tea, so I have something to warm them on.

It's winter already!!!!!!!!!

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Jessie said...

Gosh! It's still quite warm here in Bristol. I'v recently use mauve to show the darker interior on this week's IF. It seemed to do the trick!x