Thursday, 3 September 2009

Book Swap

Last week, I packaged up my Korean copy of Stinky! for a trip to Spain, and sent him to visit fellow illustrator Tomas Serrano.

In return, Tomas sent me a signed copy of the wonderful Salfon, El limpiador de tejados. I don't speak Spanish (dos cervezas is my limit) but Tomas has kindly done me a translation. The title means Salfon the Roof Cleaner: while cleaning the roof of a witch who is in disguise as a regular person, Salfon learns her secret.

Tomas's illustrations are gorgeous. Vibrant watercolours and great characters. Some wonderful draughtsmanship too: I especially like the ariel views of roofscapes - very tricky stuff! Thank you so much Tomas.

Check out Tomas's blog - Waldo Walkiria World. His Illustration Friday solutions are always very clever and guaranteed to make you smile!


Damian Harvey said...

It's always interesting to see picture books that are published in other countries isn't it. Though sad in a way as it reminds us of how few chances publishers in Britain are willing (or able) to take with picturebooks.

Lynne Chapman said...

It always seems to be the fear of losing the US co-editions that holds them back. I don't entirely understand how European publishers survive without.

Tomás Serrano said...

In Spain, I think is not ordinary, they did a print run of 8.000 copies, including the South America market. What is the normal print run there?