Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Bears Arrive Safely

Our 3 furry friends arrived safely at Andersen Press (phew) and everyone is really pleased (double phew).

They have already been repackaged and sent off to Switzerland, to the printer. No skiing for our bears though: they are there to be scanned on a drum-scanner, which turns them into high quality digital files.

Andersen will get sent these the minute they're done, ready for the designer to do page layouts, and for me to do the digital finishing work.

It's a bit of a race to get things ready in time to create a mock-up book for the massive Frankfurt Book Fair on Oct 14th, to woo all those lovely foreign editions...

My problem is that I am booked solid with school visits until well after the Fair. My only window of opportunity is one free weekend, squeezed between my travels when, instead of a well-earned bit of feet-up, I'll have to set to on those scans.


Zip n Tizzy said...

You're busy, but how exciting!
The bears look great!

❤Yisin said...

Congratulation! :D

Bakar said...

Thank you for your words in my blog. And thanks too for giving me the chance to know yours.
1 Kiss.

Lynne Chapman said...

Just one? :-)