Monday, 24 August 2009

Back to Real Life After Larks in the Ark!

I got home from Edinburgh on Friday night: what a wild week! But now it's back to some proper work. I really have to get on with Bears on the Stairs.

I got those first pieces nearly done before I left, but not quite. I generally allow 1.5 days per spread for pastelling the artwork, so my aim is to get the endpapers and cover finished off and do another 3 spreads by this time next week. This should be manageable if I don't get too sidetracked. I show you pics later, to let you know how it's going.

In the meantime, these are a few shots from the festival. Unfortunately, my camera battery died during the first event, so this is all I got! These are all me with Peter Bently, author of A Lark in the Ark.

One funny anecdote before I leave you to get on with some work:

I had to be miked-up for the events, and during the Stinky! storytelling, I kept inadvertently getting too close to the speakers at the stage-side and causing feedback. At the end, as people were leaving, one little boy was standing by the side of the stage looking confused and troubled. His dad said he was very disappointed - he couldn't work out why he couldn't make the big noise by getting too close to the speakers!


Emily said...

And then a detail surprises you! (The boy and the noise)
Like a spark of raw imagination!

Lynne Chapman said...

Yes, kids have such uninhibited minds, they come out with all sorts: I showed my sketchbook during the event, including a sketch of John sleeping, and laughingly told the audience that he liked to sleep. A little girl shouted out 'My Daddy likes to sleep too'.