Friday, 3 July 2009

Out and About

I rather enjoyed being driven across Sheffield to Chapeltown early Wednesday morning, watching the city crank into gear. I was spending the day telling stories at Lound Infants.

It was a really nice day, telling stories to quite big groups of little ones in the hall. They were all so sweet! It was HOT HOT HOT though, so muggy in school that I had to escape into the fresh air at lunchtime and did this ten minute sketch sitting on the grass:

Lound Infant School

When I got home I flopped in the garden and decided I really had to sketch these wonderful poplar trees that scrape the sky from a garden over the road. I tinted both these drawings later in Photoshop, but you can see the originals in the Picture Gallery. The velux windows are my studio, by the way:

Skyscraper Poplars

On Thursday I was part of a lovely event in Mansfield. Lots of local primary schools took part - children had worked on all sorts of multimedia projects that celebrated reading, and small groups from each school got together for the day at Oakham Primary School, to display the results, which were really varied and interesting. As a reward for their hard work, they each got a fun illustration workshop with me.

Alfreton Train

I drew this man on the train journey there. It was only a half hour trip, so I only did the one. It was another scalding hot day, and on the way home I was melting and struggling to keep awake, so just couldn't be bothered!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. I can hear those poplars!

Anonymous said...

Trains are a wonderful place to see people in another world. We have no trains in Hawaii. But Japan gives me all the world I need. Love your work.