Monday, 4 May 2009

Waterproof Ink at Last!

The non-waterproof ink cartridge finally ran out just after I started this drawing, so I ran indoors and got out the waterproof ink and special plunger thingy.

I gave it a good rinse out, but was impatient to get back to the drawing before the sun disappeared, so I didn't wait for it to dry, which is probably why I had a bit of trouble with the rest of the drawing: the line kept drying up on me. Dammit dammit dammit!

I painted it over the weekend, at the same time of day. You can see where the corner of the laundry basket bled a bit, but I quite like the softer, 'rough & ready' look it gives.

I emptied the pen out and refilled it before doing this next one. Much better. Phew. By the way, these are those Stabilotone water-soluble pencils I used for the 'theatre' illustration:

Sorry, I didn't think to scan it before I started the painting, so you only have the colour version.

The amusing thing was, I realised just as I was ready to start the colour, that all my brushes were in the picture! Fortunately I remembered my waterbrush: if you've never used one, they are plastic, with a water chamber you fill and can squeeze to get water to the bristles. Perfect for painting out and about.


the enigma said...

hello, i like your art, it's super! and the 'hierarchy' is funny!

Suzanne McDermott said...

Yes, now I see the importance of the waterproof ink. I am often thwarted by my impatience but never seem to learn. Still, not bad to have a little bleed - I think the medium enjoys the freedom. Thanks for the little materials tip - naturally, you showed us in the best way - with an illustration! Brilliant.

Buskitten said...

Lovin your pen and ink stuff Lynne - I feel quite like having a go myself! Haven't really done any since school - yikes, long ago!
I must try out those pencils too, are they anything like Berol Karisma? More squidgy?

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks all!

Buskitten: never used Karisma, but most watersoluble pencils I've come across are very much like standard coloured pencils, just soluble. These are much fatter and on the way to being like oil pastels.

M.M.E. said...

I really like your caricaturish style. Very loose line quality. Nice to find another pen and ink artist.