Saturday, 2 May 2009

Quickies (ooh Missus!)

I'm still finishing off the cartridge of non-waterproof ink in my pen (what a tight-wad: I want to use it up!) so any colouring is a lot more easily done digitally for the moment.

These are just quickies done during the week, coloured simply, in the spirit of non-preciousness I talked about earlier. I like the concept of a sketchbook being as much a visual record of snatches of the day, as a series of little works of art: refreshingly liberating.

Like the washing line sketch, these are coloured in Photoshop, rather than Painter: cruder mark-making, but quicker and so more casual in spirit. I've not got quite so carried away this time!

Above is my computer desk, featuring the obligatory mug of tea and 'to do' list. I've not bothered to include the 'before' drawings this time, as I think you can imagine.


Edrian Thomidis said...

Your work is so diverse and so rich. I love all of it! I'm glad I found your blog..I'm following now....

Suzanne McDermott said...

I just LOVE these quick sketches. I almost wish you wouldn't run out of the non waterproof ink. Also like the look of the photoshop coloring. I'll be traveling (teaching) the next couple of weeks and expect to be sketching daily. This is a great inspiration. (Love kitty at bottom of to-do list).