Monday, 18 May 2009

Flap Book Artwork is Weird

I've just spent 2 days glued to the computer (at least the weather's been so awful, it's not felt too bad). It's all to do with A Lark in the Ark...

When Peter Bently and I perform it at Hay Festival (May 29th) and Edinburgh Festival (August), we are going to project the illustrations as we read. Apart from looking really good, this will be really useful: it's nice to go into the audience and choose children to open the flaps, but it's tricky for anyone else to see what's underneath. This way, each time a flap is lifted, everyone gets to see it.

But the trouble with flap books, is that none of the artwork makes any sense outside of the book, so I couldn't just load my existing illustrations into PowerPoint, ready for projection. For example, there is a page that looks like the one above.
You lift a flaps on the duvet to reveal baboons in pink pantaloons hiding in the bed:

...along with llamas in pyjamas:

Except, what I actually drew was this:

...and this:

So, I had to re-visit every illustration in Photoshop, joining all the bits together, turning them into images that match what you see when you are reading the real book.
Unfortunately, I quickly discovered another issue: when you open a flap in a book, and it goes across someone's face, well, that's fine, but for a projected image I thought it would look weird:

So, perfectionist (or obsessive?) that I am, I did more fiddling around, moving background characters out of the way:

While I was at it, I moved some of the eyes, and even pasted in this wee wombat to fill a pregnant space created!

It's all done now (phew) and looks really fun. Egmont are going to print us T-shirts for the event, and we are going to use my 'doctored' version of the llamas in pyjamas on the back! I think Hay is now fully booked. I'll post details of the Edinburgh event in a few weeks.


cassia said...

sounds exciting. could you give your t-shirts away as a prize at the end, all sweaty and smelly? like the tennis stars at wimbledon?

Damian Harvey said...

... or perhaps throw them out into the audience along with a couple of paintbrushes like rockstars do witht their drumsticks.

Like what you've done with this Lynne. By redoing some of the pictures you are effectively allowing the audience to see pictures that no one else has seen before. That'll impress them.

Raluca C said...

Your illos are so beautiful and full of life and joy!Looking forward to hear about how it was on Edinburgh festival.
you are a wonderful illustrator!

Edrian Thomidis said...

Your presentations looks amazing! I like that you have modified the visuals to fit the audience and presentation medium. Nothing gets lost in the translation!

Joanna Dover said...

New project sounds cool! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks all!

Yes, perhaps I should come over all rock star... What are the odds do you think, if Peter and I jump into the audience, that the kids will catch us and carry us?

Roberta said...

what an awesome presentation!!

Doda said...

That's a whole lot of work you've put into these illos adapting them for the presentation, but I am sure it will all be well worth the effort you have put in. Well done.

Megan said...

Love these illustrations! They definitly make me smile! Too cool :)

Anonymous said...

The pics look brilliant Lynne! They will be a real treat on the day.

Throwing our teeshirts in the audience? They'll be tearing them off us, mate...

See you next week - eek!

Peter x

Tomás Serrano said...

I think tou are a master of the colors. Always perfect combination.