Sunday, 15 March 2009

A Slightly Lonely Birthday...

Sorry I've not been posting as regularly as usual, but I am out every day still, travelling on yet more trains (as you can see). I'm staying away from home 3 or 4 days a week at the moment, so no computer access.

I managed to see children from 12 different schools last week, plus I even worked this Sunday, with a group of 'looked-after children' in Stockport. It's been ridiculously busy, and I had to spend the night of my birthday, last Tuesday, all on my tod, in a hotel in Corby. It was full of men: an Electrical Engineering Products conference (whoopee!). But it's still been worth it.

Luckily, Tuesday in particular was really fun. I was at Oakway Primary in Wellingborough. The school had ordered several of my books in advance to work on with the kids, so everyone was really excited. Each year group had studied a different story and had made a truly magnificent display, with massive 3D animals hanging off the walls in the hall!! They've promised to send me photos.

The day was to celebrate the opening of their new library and I had the honour of cutting the ribbon. They also had a wonderful jazz singer working with the children. She had the whole school, plus parents, singing Ballin' The Jack, with all the actions - I had a grin that made my cheeks ache. I do love a good sing-song and I'm obviously not alone!

The children all made me these lovely birthday cards and gave me a little Oakway teddy
to take home - thank you!

They also bought every single one of the books I had with me, which was extra nice, as I didn't have to carry them around for the rest of the week!

I finished my travels at the beautiful historic town of Oundle (where I was unfortunately too knackered to draw my surroundings). This is the last sketch of the week, done on the final leg home to Sheffield:


Connor said...

Excellent drawings Lynne!

Jon M said...

You workaholic you! Sounds like fun though!

Coreopsis said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your sketches. It inspires me to get my sketchbook out more.

cassia said...

happy late birthday, missus! Sorry you were on your travels at the time. That IS a pretty darned good bunch of cards though!

These studies are just getting better and better. The beardy bloke is amazing!!!

weechuff said...

How lucky you were to receive all those lovely hand made birthday cards from the children. Sounds like you had a wonderful time:0)