Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Giddy Goat Rides Again!

Well, it's good and bad news...

The good news is that sense has at last prevailed: Orchard Books have decided to re-print the currently out of print Giddy Goat for the Music in the Round musical tour. That's a massive hurrah! as it's such a nightmare trying to get books reprinted if they are not best sellers, just gentle, steady tricklers.

The bad news is that, although they of course intended to get them done in time for the big Octagon concert this Sunday (see Giddy Goat the Musical), it seems they won't be ready, which is rather disappointing. However, the good folk at Orchard are going to print some bookplates, so I'll have something to sign on the day, if people want to pre-order. Then, when the books are ready (hopefully not long), they can stick them in.

I am hoping people won't be put off and will still buy copies, as Giddy the Great recently went out of print too, and the sales of Giddy Goat will make a difference to whether that is reprinted too, or left to die (sob!).

I spoke to Polly last week and we had sold 600 tickets for the concert. That was before the Radio Sheffield plug though. Let's hope the newspaper article also gives it a last-minute boost (see All Good Publicity...). The Octagon seats 1100 though, so I'm confident there will still be plenty of tickets available on the day, if you want to buy them on the door.

Don't forget though - although the flyer says 3pm, I will be there from 2pm, getting children drawing. Maybe see you there!


Anonymous said...

It is great news that they are re-printing and I am enormously JEALOUS that I can't be there.

I haven't seen any reviews, but I'm glad it's going so well. Is anyone videoing it at all? I would love to see the musical in action!

Jamie Rix

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled you're getting a re-print of Giddy Goat. Well done for campaigning and succeeding!

Can we now have a musical of Class 3 please?

Julia Jarman