Thursday, 13 November 2008

Progress Report...

Well, I have been working pretty hard this week, trying to get Lila and Sausage sorted out, ready to show to Hodder.

I've been working a lot on thumbnails, which is not something I'm used to. I normally work full size from the outset, but that's when I'm working with someone else's text, that's already been edited by a publisher and is more or less set in stone. Because this text is mine, and so far unseen, it can be altered to fit the way the illustrations are shaping up. Or I can edit out a whole section if I want to, to change the way things will look, or to help the illustrations fit the set picture book length (see Planning My New Story).

I've done various drafts of the thumbnails as things are evolving, to perfect the plan, compositions and characters. For example, turning this:

into this:

and then into this:

One thing that's taking a bit of getting used to, is the fiddlyness: even the above sketch is only a couple of inches high. But I haven't got the time for full size, and the images will almost certainly change again if the story gets taken up by a publisher.

I am drawing the occasional image in a more finished way though, to show how the characters could look (although I did this one before the thumbnail rework above, and I now prefer the tiny version!):

I am pleased with how things feel, but it's a new area for me (see Trying To Write), so it will be good to hear a publisher's take on it. I have no illusions though - the hit rate is never good. But nothing ventured...

I'll let you know how it goes. Right, better get back to it.


Damian Harvey said...

This is looking really good Lynne - just that bit different from your other stuff but still with your distinctive style. It seems to be coming together as the sort of book that only an author/illustrator could come up with... it's all you.

Buskitten said...

Wow Lynne, this is amazing, it really is! It's facinating for someone like me, who has never had a book published, to see how it actually happens.
How do you even get a publisher to take you on in the first place? Mind you, your work is so beautiful, I'm not surprised you have boks published.
Your site is a real inspiration - I'm so glad I found it!
Best Wishes,

Buskitten said...

Goodness, I've been reading your fantastic blog since I posted the last comment! It's just brilliant - your work is totally amazing, and how many books have you illustrated? It must be 100's!! I love your style and your wacky world! It's the kind of world I wish I lived in Lynne, awesome!
Loads of helpful stuff too, but how on earth did you learn all the computer stuff ( I learnt things like bookbinding and hand setting type at art college - computers hadn't been invented then!) Did you go back to college to learn photoshop?
Maybe I should get photoshop, as I am trying to do stuff on windows 2007, and it's really hard, as nothing seems to work properly.
Anyway, sorry, I'll stop wittering on as it's bedtime - but just wanted to say how brilliant your blog is and how much I admire your work,
Best Wishes,

Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I really like your work too and the fact that you post process. I'm a junky for reading about how other illustrators do things.


PS. How great that you have an attic studio. I dream of one of those myself someday:)

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks all for your kind words. Blogging's so weird - you have to keep on as though talking to a readership of 500, even though you worry it's just your mum! So you great to hear from people.

Liz - how lovely! So glad you're finding it helpful too. I have around 30 books now, and I can't quite believe that either.

Re computers: yes, you do need to update soon I'm afraid or you'll get out of compatability with everyone else, and software (and hardware).

Like you, I started in a computer-free world (see Computers Are Wonderful Again). I learned Photoshop by teaching it, in the early 90s (just one step ahead every day - dreadful!)and that's a story I must blog very soon...

Alex T said...

Hi, Lynne. Love your drawings of Sausage (one of less rude names that my own cat goes by). Not sure if you have seen these little Simons cat animations over at youtube but if not they are a treat. TV Dinner is spot on

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Alex - I hadn't seen that one, I only knew the waking up one. They are SO funny I literally do laugh out loud and have to wipe away tears!

Anyone who's ever owned a cat and not yet come across Simon's Cat - go and look. You'll wet yourself.

granny grimble said...

The new book is looking good Lynne.
Can't wait to know how the meeting went.
Keep on blogging, I'm your biggest fan and read every one!

Lynne Chapman said...

I'll keep you posted! Thank you xx