Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Animals Hanging From The Rafters!

I spent yesterday afternoon revisiting the Lauren Child exhibition at the Western Park Museum, this time with Marie Knudson, curator of my exhibition next year. And yes, it seems I can indeed have animals hanging from the ceiling! Yeehah!

We decided, as a good starting point for ideas, we'd go round the exhibition methodically, looking at how things were framed, how the children's props were constructed etc. It was useful too to look at which things were standing the test of time and which were already falling apart. The giant jigsaws for instance, are already peeling and the computer game is flaky. The reading books though are still in very good nick.

Watching kids is interesting too. The Lauren Child has a cupboard made up to look like a fridge, with plastic food to take in and out, which kids just love. We reckon we can borrow the idea but do it better: Marie says we can make the ark from A Lark in the Ark, with little opening doors where children can take animals in and out. She's even suggesting hand-sewing soft toys of my animals from the story. We thought also maybe a mirror with animal masks and a dressing up box, so children can dress like a goat say, in a coat, or maybe be a giraffe, and put on a scarf...

We have decided on building an H shape in the middle of the gallery space, providing two themed 'rooms' for children. In one side we'll probably have the Lark in the Ark play ideas, in the other a reading room with cushions, themed on another of the books. It could be When You're Not Looking! as it would be nice to feature that somewhere, since I wrote it too, but the artwork won't frame up well, as it is all dropped onto coloured backgrounds (see above), so doesn't really exist as it appears in the book.

Another idea I had was a 'stick the flies on the warthog' game, based on Stinky! , using magnetic flies.

We will of course have a drawing area against one wall, with activity sheets, like step-by-step instructions on drawing my animals. I thought we could hold a competition for the best drawings, with books as prizes, but also perhaps framing the winners alongside mine in the gallery.

And Marie suggested a treasure hunt, with little cut-outs of my various characters stuck onto walls and windows throughout the building, for the children to tick off.

As you can probably tell, I'm completely giddy about the whole thing, almost as giddy, some might say, as a Giddy Goat!! Thanks for all your enthusiasm Marie. With your help, it's going to be GREAT!


granny grimble said...

It's all beginning to sound like such fun. I wish I was helping with it, it's just up my street!
I simply love all your ideas, and I know the children (and the not so young) will have a ball. X

Lynne Chapman said...

All ideas are very welcome!

We want to make it as fun as possible for children, but also to keep the sense that it is still an art exhibition for adults as well. This is why we are building the kids section in the centre.

Doda said...

It sounds like it is going to be wonderful!

(Oh, and can I invite you to enter my blog giveaway - I'm not giving away a blog, I'm giving away a necklace)

Damian Harvey said...

This is sounding great Lynne - you're obviously putting a lot of time and effort into the exhibition. We (the Harvey family) are all looking forward to coming along to see it.


SÉARLAIT said...

i had a visit to your blog and web and it is wonderful! and I have a special crush on the little Giddy goat, she is so cute! : )
all congratulations for your award
Dear Lynne, you are very talented
all your characters are soooooooo lovely!

all thanks for your kind comments on my blog : )