Friday, 12 September 2008

Kids Bookmark

Now my latest illustration work is out of the way for a while, I should be catching up on boring stuff, like my accounts (I've a folder of receipts 2 inches thick - don't tell my accountant!). Instead, I've been trying to design a bookmark. I want something to give away at school visits, to promote the blogs and remind children of my website.

It's proving trickier than I thought, trying to decide on images and what to say. Though I've got a fairly good eye, I'm not a graphic designer. It's double-sided, so there were effectively 2 to do as well. I think this is it. What do you think?

The photo of me is not just vanity (honest guv): I thought kids might like to be able to show parents and say 'This is who I saw today at school'.

I thought the dragon from Dragon's Dinner could protrude from the top of the book and look like he was protecting it for its owner! It's a spread from that book that I'm working on in the photo:

I've found a friendly-sounding, local firm, who will do me 6000, laminated, for £500, which doesn't sound too off the scale. Got to make my decision in the next few days though, as October is my busiest month of the year for school visits. I have 15 days booked in so far, all over the place (Wales, Grantham, Staffordshire...) and it all kicks off on October 2nd. Oh dear, all those early mornings...


granny grimble said...

Looks like we won't be seeing much of you next month then!
The book markers look fine, but are they long enogh? They look a bit squat, but perhaps that's just foible of the blog.

Lynne Chapman said...

The length is the width of an A4 sheet (21cm), it's just a little wider than usual. You get 4 out of an A4 sheet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lynne! The book mark looks great. How much is that each?

And your blog is fantastic, So interesting.

Julia Jarman x

J. E. Morris said...

The bookmarks look great and I think they are a terrific idea. When I ask my kids what they did in school - the usual response is something like, "I went to school today?"

As a mom, I would like to see this come home in the backpack. Your work is adorable. Best of luck at all your school visits. Sounds like you are one busy lady!

Lynne Chapman said...

Glad you like the idea!

Thanks for your well wishes. I always thoroughly enjoy myself doing the visits, I just get tired out with all the long train journeys and early rising.

Worth it though!

Damian Harvey said...

I aggree - the bookmarks look great. very professional too. (have you created them using photoshop?)

I did make (as in print and guilotene) some myself a few years ago which were about the same size as yours and they worked well. Won't make them myself again though as it took far too long.

Yours seem ok in terms of price too - especially if hey are printing double sided and cutting them for you.

weechuff said...

I think the book marks are great! Do you cary on with your school visits right up until they break up for Christmas? As you say, a busy time ahead:0)

Croom said...

• What a great idea Lynne, the children will love them. I may just download it and make myself some for Hannah Ben and Kyra.

Another fun and good blog. Thank you Tinax

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you so much for your encouragment everyone.

Yes feel free to download them. When I have a moment, I will make up an email version, with a bleed round the edge to make them easier to create.

Yes, I created the artwork in Photoshop (I don't really understand DTP software). I can't begin to imagine how long it took you to crop them all yourself Damian! I generally do my Christmas cards that way and even those take forever. Glad to hear they worked well though.

Fortunately weechuff, the school visits generally peter out mid November and don't kick back in until late Feb. Nomatter how much I enjoy them, I couldn't keep it up much longer. Just getting everything organised, and making sure the trains are booked to the right place on the right day is a real task when there are so many together.